Master Mak Chung Man - The Man from the Mountains

For the last three decades, Master Mak Chung Man, an avid exponent of Qigong and martial arts since the age of nine, has been practicing and teaching Qigong. His clinic in Hong Kong is crowded daily with patients from all walks of life who have come to him with a myriad of ailments which he treats with Qigong massage. At night, Master Mak teaches them Qigong stances so that they can heal themselves with this wonderful spiritual discipline.


Master Mak - Hong Kong's 'Qigong ambassador to the world' - was one of the first Qigong masters in Hong Kong to provide Qigong massage. In ancient times, Qigong massage was the exclusive privilege of Chinese emperors because a strong body and enormous energy were demanded of the masseur. To sustain his stamina, Master Mak practises Qigong every day.

A keen and erudite herbalist, Master Mak is also known as 'the man from the mountains' because of the time he spends early each morning up in the hills of his village in Hong Kong's Cheung Chau island. With a basket on his back and a hoe in his hand, Master Mak selects the herbs with which he will later concoct his Chinese medicinal potions.

Mak Chung Man's fame as a healer has travelled far and wide, and people come to him from all over the world to be treated. In spite of his busy schedule, Master Mak still finds time to teach Qigong at the local university because, never possessive of his vast knowledge, Master Mak has always believed that Qigong is not a secret art and therefore should not be shrouded in mystery. Nobody who is interested in Qigong should be dependent upon a master to do these very simple life-affirming stances. And that, ultimately, is the most eloquent testament to Mak Chung Man, the statuesque healer from the mountains with bright piercing eyes and a kind face who, thanks to his generosity and enthusiasm, has ensured that the ancient art of Qigong will continue to move with the times.

Master Mak in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong where he lives and teaches Qigong
Master Mak in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong where he lives.

Teaching Qigong exercises to his students everyday
Master Mak with his students

Teaching Qigong exercises to his students everyday
Mak Si-Fu giving a Qigong talk in the little streets of Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong.

Stage I of the Scooping Water.

"Scooping Water" - the Qigong exercise for fatigue (I) Beginning of the exercise.

Stage II of the Scooping Water.
Stage II of the "Scooping Water".


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