Qigong Bow And Arrow Stance

Happy Chinese New Year!!

First and foremost, welcome to our first QigongExercise.com newsletter!

Every now and then, I will send you some NEW Qigong articles and exercises specifically related to certain ailments or questions which my readers have been asking me. Since I believe that you should make Qigong a dynamic part of your life at work or at play, these new exercises which I will introduce in this website from time to time will be exercises born out of real or practical situations rather than being a whole set of sterile exercises which you may not do because you do not see the "need" for them.

Recently, I had a bad accident and as a result suffered a rather serious distal radius and ulna fracture of my left wrist. The excellent hand micro surgeon who attended to me told me that I needed to graft a small artificial bone into my left wrist and fix this in place with a titanium plate if I wished to achieve full mobility of my left wrist!

Well, I had the operation without any hesitation and now, just three weeks after the operation, I am typing this article myself (with both hands!) and I am healing very fast. The doctor is amazed at the speed of my recovery in view of my age (I am 54 years old) and my history of osteoporosis. However, I am not at all surprised because I actually practice what I preach, i.e. I did my indispensable Qigong exercises all through the pre and post operation procedures!

And of course, now with the need to make sure the "new" hand and arm regains its flexibility and mobility quickly, I definitely practice my Qigong stances all the time. In fact, when I regained consciousness after my 4 hour operation, I immediately did my Qigong exercise while lying on my hospital bed! I actually did "Exercise # xiii - At Bedtime" (see my book "Indispensable QiGong : For People On the Go !") to move the qi quietly through my inert post-operation body to help circulate my qi and bring some strength back. At the same time, it helped me to drift nicely to sleep without the need for sleeping tablets!

Anyway, right now I will share with you this NEW Qigong exercise which is not in my book but which I began to do regularly as a result of my hand injury and the operation.

Firstly, when one is recovering from an operation, one of the most common ailments will be muscle and joint aches and pains caused by the lack of movement. In my case, because the operation was on my left wrist, I suffered from severe arm and shoulder pain on my left side, which stretched all the way to the back. I was also completely stiff!

So, as soon as I could get out of bed, I did this Qigong Stance which for convenience I shall call as "The Bow and Arrow" Stance.

Hope you like it!

Your friend in health,


Imagine you are about to shoot an arrow into the air with a bow - that is the crux of this Qigong stance.

a) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, point your toes outwards and keep your upper body straight.

b) Your arms are at your sides in the usual Qigong stance, i.e. arms away from the body and fingers spread open. Your head is upright as though you are supporting some books on top of your head.

c) Now, bend your LEFT arm in front of your chest so that the lower left arm lies parallel to your chest.

d) Form a loose fist with that left hand.

e) Now, bend your RIGHT arm, again in front so that now both arms are bent and lying parallel to your chest.

f) Point your RIGHT index finger upwards to the sky while forming a loose fist with the other fingers of the right hand.

g) Move the RIGHT arm and hand with index finger still pointing upwards, straightening the arm and stretching it all the way outwards to the right side of your body . At the same time, you pull back with the bent LEFTarm, still keeping that LEFT arm bent and parallel to your chest. (This movement looks as if you were shooting an arrow from a bow ).

h) Your head and eyes should follow the direction of your RIGHT hand, i.e. turn your head and look towards the right side while you are stretching and pointing that finger.

i) Make sure you keep that LEFT arm bent and parallel to the body while you are stretching the RIGHT arm.

j) As you are doing the movements with your LEFT and RIGHT arms, you must SIMULTANEOUSLY bend your knees so that you are in imaginary sitting position, taking care to ensure that your back remains straight.

k) Move both arms back to the original position and stand up straight and tall again with the feet apart.

l) Begin the movements all over again, this time with the RIGHT arm bent and the LEFT arm extended.


This stance directly relaxes the muscles and tendons around the neck, arms and shoulders. The muscles become toned and invigorated and the circulation improves tremendously. Most of all, with this Qigong stance you achieve greater mobility and flexibility of your arms and shoulders and voila - no more shoulder aches and pains!!

It worked for me and it will for you!

Qigong Bow and Arrow Stance



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