Practice Qigong Exercises In Your Quest To Develop
Universal Energy - For Health, Vitality, Longevity, Mental Freshness And Inner Peace

What Is Good Health?

It is not entirely surprising how dependent we have become for all things artificial and external of ourselves. We have lost the trust, especially in our own ability to defend ourselves from disease or illness.

Good health is our birthright. We are by nature healthy.

If health is our nature, then illness is surely an unnatural state, which means that illness is temporary and can be rectified. To those who have been ill for a long time, and have always believed on the idea that illness is natural or incurable, this claim may sound absurd.

To comprehend the truth of this claim, first of all, you have to realize that the conventional western medical paradigm of looking at health and illness is not necessarily the only correct way, as opposed to a traditional Chinese medical paradigm.

However, that does not mean that we are in anyway undermining conventional western medicine; which we believe will continue to have an essential role in modern societies, and in many way is more effective than traditional Chinese medicine.

Our aim here is solely to provide authentic information, and 'educate' our readers on the effectiveness of Chinese form of medicines and even exercises, including Qigong or Chi kung.

All Diseases Are 'Curable'
Although western medicine may find it disbelieving that so-called 'incurable' diseases like asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, manic-depression, nervousness and sexual inadequacy can be actually 'cured' through practices like Qigong, Chinese medicine on the other hand, had always trusted on its benefits for centuries. This is not surprising, since Chinese medical paradigm has a logical explanation for this.

According to Chinese medical philosophy, there is no such a thing as an incurable disease, although a patient may be incurable if his illness, even a simple one, has done damage beyond a certain threshold. The Chinese believes that every disease can be 'cured' because we are by nature healthy.

To understand this a little better, imagine the myriad of germs circling inside and outside of you; think of the constant damage that is taking place right at this very moment in your body. If you are at all fragile, wouldn't you have fallen sick by now? You are still steady and healthy because your natural systems are working the way they should.

Your Natural Universal Energy
The Chinese figuratively describe this natural working of your bodily and mental systems as harmonious 'chi' or universal energy flow. To make it simpler for western understanding, chi or universal energy can be best described as the energy that:

  • provides the necessary information to all parts of your body
    (and mind)
  • produces just the right types of chemicals of the right amounts and at the right places
  • provides the right defense and immunity when needed
  • repairs all your worn out or damaged parts
  • disposes off toxic waste, negative emotions and whatever is harmful to you
  • carries out countless other activities that keep you healthy and alive is functioning the way it is supposed to.

When the chi is flowing effortlessly and smoothly throughout your body, then it is said that you are in balance or in a yin-yang harmony.

When certain parts of the body fail in their natural functions, when you're out of sync, or imbalanced, then sickness occurs. The Chinese describe this sick condition, which is unnatural and temporary, as yin-yang disharmony.

There are countless immediate causes for this yin-yang disharmony, but the root cause may be generalised into two main categories, namely:

  • Insufficient energy to work the systems
  • Blockage of energy hindering energy to flow to where it is needed.

Health can be regained if you restore your yin-yang harmony. There are many different approaches, such as employing herbs, acupuncture, massage therapy, external medicine or even practicing Qigong.

Two fundamental factors that will improve your health are by:

1. Removing energy blockage
2. Increasing energy level

One sure way of achieving this is by constant practice of Qigong. It helps in your quest to develop universal energy, particularly for attaining health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and inner peace.


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