The Healing Qigong Master from Hong Kong

Master Mak Chung Man of Hong Kong is known as the Healing Qigong Master, the Qigong Massage Master and also as the Cheong Chau Herbalist.

With decades of medical practitioner experience and wide recognitions, he has frequently been invited for TV talk shows. He is currently appointed as The Ambassador for The Hong Kong Tourism Development Board and is devoted to contributing to the Hong Kong medical industry and traditional Qigong practices.

At the tender age of nine, Master Mak Chung Man started learning Qigong, massage and Chinese herbology. And now, he has with him more than 20 over years of medical practitioner experience.

According to Master Mak Chung Man, Qigong portrays a "far-away" impression and involves complicated movements. Hence, it is difficult to be practiced by layman. He has simplified Qigong so that it is more "down to earth" and accessible by all.

Master Mak Chung Man promotes "Healing Qigong" which focuses on rejuvenating the bones. It employs natural breathing rhythm to absorb natural energy from the earth for boosting the body's energy level, thereby "energizing" one self.

Master Mak Chung Man believes that once the bones are rejuvenated optimally, the lungs' capacity would increase and hence function at the peak level. This will provide maximum energy to stimulate the nerves and organ for optimal functioning.

"Healing Qigong" can be practiced by anyone regardless of your age and sex or your health conditions. You can practice it anytime, anywhere for 5 to 15 minutes. You do not need to do it at specific time or at specific place. You can even do it when commuting to work in the public transport and on before you sleep. There is no need to be constrained by external environment. Just focus on your breathing rhythm and you can improve your health.

Master Mak Chung Man's wish is to share the wonders and secrets of "Healing Qigong" to the world so that everyone regardless of nationality or race can enjoy its benefits. As long as you are willing to give it a try, you will grow to love it and enjoy the benefits.

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