The Three Elements of Qigong

The Three Elements of Qigong and What to Look for In Qigong Practice

All types of Qigong exercises consist of three elements:
1) Regulation of body,
2) Regulation of mind and,
3) Regulation of breath.

The first level, regulation of body involves the basic; breathing naturally, finding the correct posture, and feeling the spine straight and body relaxed, especially the shoulders. The second level involves calming the mind. The third level involves breathing well (We will tell you more on correct breathing in our future articles). A good grounding on correct breathing and relaxation will help you greatly in attempting to master the first two levels.

What to Look for In Qigong Practice
Once you start on qigong exercises, you should feel relaxed and light. The hands, abdomen or the whole body will feel warm and relaxed. The mind will become peaceful and happy. When we open our eyes after qigong, things will appear bright and clear. In the beginning, you may only get a glimmer of these results. Be patient and give yourself time. After three to six months of regular and correct practice, you will usually feel the above during each session.

If you feel tired and want to sleep after the practice, this may indicate that you need a good rest. As you begin to relax as a result of your practice, you are now more aware of the needs of the body. Once your practice has matured, you will feel a sense of invigoration after the session. It is important that a sense of sleepiness does not arise from dullness during the practice. Sometimes, you may not be actively thinking of anything. However, if your focus is not on the body center, your practice will lack clarity, and might not derive maximum benefits. The key is to find the balance, and the flow will come naturally - this is the law of effortless effort.

In the beginning, your practice may seem to be affected by everything around you; the weather, time of day, diet, people, emotions, state of health, etc. In other words, everything intrudes upon your mind. This is not uncommon, since your mind is not used to being 'stilled.' That is why it is important to practice daily. Hence, it is advisable to find a suitable time to practice and make a commitment. Practicing everyday will build your determination, confidence and results. Don't be concerned if you don't feel much at first. Just persevere and eventually you will succeed. Don't set any expectation. Don't compete or compare with anyone else. You're your own competition. Master yourself first and you will develop. Don't waste your precious energy by making and finding excuses. You're not too old, young, too healthy or weak to practice. Qigong is perfect for everyone and for anytime.

In time, when you feel the contentment and peace of qigong, you will find it easy to 'control' your mind, and understand how dependent are your mind and body on each other. When your body and mind are in sync, you're bound to gain optimum health benefits. Once you understand this, practices will become a joy and inner calm in you is assured.

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